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André Schumacher

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Ebersberg. 21.02.2019

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Lindau. 24.02.2019

Schmerikon (CH). 26.02.2019

Meikirch (CH). 28.02.2019

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Dear travellers!

„What does the world cost?“ is a question we often ask. Well: a bicycle, a sleeping bag and a fair amount of curiosity to plunge into the complexities and wonders of the world!

Why do I travel? This is a question I ask myself over and over again. I don’t merely travel to take pictures. The urge to settle somewhere might be one of the reasons. Does it sound contradictory?
I believe we have lost the connection to many things. To nature: do we still feel the rhythm of nature while the neon sun shines in our offices after dark? To food: do we know what we are ingesting when we grab the plastic packaging in the supermarket? To our fellow humans: an average German will have spent ten years watching TV by the time he is sixty.

This is the way it is: our view of the world defines our place in it – and the way we deal with it. Do we see the world as mere matter and us as biological machines that simply undergo the laws of physics? Or as fascinating beings equipped with souls and awareness who are part of a whole? How is our view of the world?

This is how I find my answer. I travel, to marvel again. I travel to become speechless. I travel to plunge into the great miracle of life.

I wish you touching moments on my website and much fun during my presentations.

Warm wishes, yours

André Schumacher
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